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Creamy red curry peanut Sauce

I never thought that I would be able to pull this off until I did (LOL)! I am a big fan of Thai & Laos food but other than the classic '' fried rice '' or '' fried noodles'', I have never tried to make one of my all-time favorite dish: creamy red curry sauce. Asian food is all about '' out of the box'' seasonings and finding the right balance of sweetness and sourness which is often difficult to achieve. It is the kind of recipe that you go to the store to specifically find the ingredients. The #redcurrypeanutsauce is everywhere on the net, this is how it did mine Ingredients: Fish marinade - 3 white fish filet -3 tbsp of fish sauce

-3tbsp of dark soya sauce -a thin slice of fresh ginger

- 3 garlic cloves

-1 fresh chili pepper or 1 tsp of chili paste ( optional for a kick) -1tbsp of honey ( for kick) -1tsp of sesame oil -salt and pepper

-1tsp of lemon juice


Rest of ingredients

-Veggies ( golden potatoes, beansprout, carrots ...everything you want )

-3 tbsp of red curry paste -1 can of coconut milk -3 tbsp of peanut butter unsweetened

-1 yellow onion



-1 /2 cup of veggie broth

-1 piece of palm sugar


Instructions: Marinate the fish filets for 30 min then stir fry them in 3 tbsp of coconut oil over medium heat ( tip: spread some flour over the filet before frying them so they do not stick in the pan ).

Remove the fish when its golden &crispy, add the onions, scallions, some more ginger & garlic stir until let it turns golden add the veggies and stir again for 2 min. Next, pour the rest of the fish marinade, then add the red curry paste, peanut butter stir and let cook for 10min.

Finally, add the coconut cream, bring to boil then add the palm sugar and let it cook on reduced heat for 15 min and voila 😊 I liked mine thick but you can add some broth and adjust the consistency to your liking! Oh, and I added shrimps in mine as well and serve mine with White Thai rice.

Bon appetit!

ded some shrimps in mine as well...

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