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Since my early age, I have always been an extrovert,  '' the life of the party'' they used to call me.. I remember growing up confident, I knew I was loved, gifted and special. Then life happened and I started to look down on myself because of the mistakes, I have made.  

As many can relate, I had completely lost sight of who I am. With this blog, I am going back to my roots ; doing the things I like and sharing it with the World.  I understand now that although life is not perfect, I can still enjoy this journey on earth to the fullest . I owe it to myself!

Why wait any longer when all it takes is a computer and internet .Basic right ? On here, I  will be real, try new things , share my little stories and personal reflection even songs that I write.

This blog is a therapy for me but most importantly, I hope you will also find something in it for you . 

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