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Music... Therapy for the Soul !

We can all agree, Music unites us all. Music has this power that connects us to each other, to the earthly things and the things above...

 I come from a long line of singers. From my great- grand mother to my mother, this gift has now been passed on to us, my sisters and I.

I wrote my very first songs at the age of 14, but never really shared them... It feels though, now is the right time! Exploring another dimension of creativity with this blog, has awakened a wild fire in me!

Singing and writing songs have been a passion of mine for many years, a way for me to express my emotions, find joy and relief in difficult times.  As I share these songs, I would love for you to experience the same relief while listening to them, to experience the depths, the fullness of God's presence and find comfort, peace, joy, love, strength... the revelation of Who He is for you.

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Stay Blessed! 

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