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Says The Lord - Audio

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Says the Lord is a scripture-based song (Zechariah 4:6) giving us clarity on Faith. Growing up in a conservative church, I always had a hard time grasping the concept of Faith. In my understanding, Faith was an external force spontaneously coming from “above” upon me for a miracle to happen. I thought, believing was a strong feeling of wanting something with all my heart, wanting it so bad that crying, begging or screaming in my prayers would increase the Faith I had to see God intervene.

This perception of Faith has led me to experience of lot of frustration and confusion; waiting for change to come while I needed to start the change! I would end up telling myself that I did not have enough Faith, enough of that power to experience the Miracle.

For the past three years, I have started to let go of the things that were not meant for me, things that were causing me great pain, robbing me from my joy, my peace... For a moment, I forgot about the “asking”, the “miracle begging”, I forgot about keeping the “the perfect picture’’ intact at all cost and decided to focus on the LOVE I have for Him, focus on the “giving” than the “receiving”.

Instead of looking above or outside for a solution, I started to look from within, to question myself, to question my own heart and its desires. I picked up my cross, took responsibility for my mistakes and that's was the hardest part. But there in God’s presence, through my praises, through my worship, the burden became lighter and lighter and the mountains started to shrink!

Looking back at this scripture, I have stop asking for things that have already been given to me! Now growing a strong connection with Holy Spirit through my worship is what I begun to do. I would just sing in the morning, sing at night, just continuously sing praises and nurturing that relationship. In no time I started not only to feel strong but to release that strength in my life. I started to draft ideas, projects, solutions, for the challenges I was facing.

Sometimes, we tend to forget that Holy Spirit is God in us, Holy Spirit is Jesus’s legacy promised to us. When we understand that Faith is not a “cloud” up there nor it is not a temporary strong feeling but a permanent flow coming out of our relationship with Holy Spirit, we begin to cherish that relationship even more than the situations we might face.

Our firm assurance becomes a lifestyle, it becomes an anthem, it become the song of our heart as we witness God’s promises take form in our lives.

As you listen to this song, I pray for your heart to be vulnerable in God's presence knowing that He is with you through it all! As you run to the Table of Grace and feed your soul with His mighty words, let's the mountain you face, become a level plain!

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