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Hello Everyone!

If you like to try simple recipes,, read personal and motivational stories or listen to Christian music...Well look no further, this page is for you! 

Far from the perfect life portrayed by many,,which often left me feeling inadequate here it's all about ''imperfect looking'' food that still tastes good, life's ups and downs,  personal reflections, songwriting .....

I am not an expert nor do I pretend to have a perfect life, but by sharing my experiences& music, I hope to inspire and be inspired. 

From quick recipes to personal stories with a pinch of spirituality and a LOT OF MUSIC,  feel free to follow me if you find something good for you. 

If you like what you read, comment, share and let's be friends. 

Pour les amis "francophones & francophiles''  attentez vous à des articles en français. Que sait-on jamais ! Vos suggestions sont les bienvenues.

Welcome to the ''Perfectly imperfect Being'' blog!

Simple & Yummy
Once upon the time...
Sussh! Positive vibes only

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How about a little introduction

My name is Carine, I am a mother, a sister, a friend, passionate by numbers, music, cooking, make-up artistry and many other things,  Quite an introduction éh? Just to say, we all wear many hats, making it almost impossible to put us in a box that would define us.

Although I may not exactly know all my gifts and abilities, I surely know that I am destined to live a purposeful life. Good or bad my experiences shaped me into the woman I am today,  evolving every day into a better self. 

I live in Winnipeg -Manitoba is mostly known as ‘’the heart of Canada ‘’ and for a long time, I wanted to start a blog, not sure why I didn’t do it any sooner.

“No more procrastination!’ , I told myself after my divorce and voilà,  making ''baby steps'' toward my goals.

You must have guessed it by now, I am not a  professional writer and English isn’t my first language yet, I am determined to jump! So please bear with me as I learn along the way and do not refrain from commenting, sharing your ideas, your suggestions and in no time my writing Technics will improve with your help.

Back to me...
I  was born and raised in Abidjan-Côte d'Ivoire. An ex-French colony located in West Africa. At 17 years old, I left Abidjan for Casablanca (Morocco)  to pursue post-secondary education. After spending two years in that country, I then moved to Canada in December 2007,  with my older sister.  We arrived in ''Winterpeg'',  I mean Winnipeg right in the middle of a rude winter! Two years later, my younger sister joined us and with the three of us together in this foreign land, begins this adventure!
More on my storyClick below
Bye for now!


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