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Mini Spinach Quiche

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Other than bread, I have found a second winner ( meal) for my son's ''picky'' taste: eggs. Yes, Mr 'Pichon' has been obsessed with eggs lately. Trying to be more creative, I thought of a way to bring his two favorite meals together, so I came up with a quiche. It will give him a bread'ish' texture with the crust, while the eggs will keep it fluffy on the inside. It was a little bit of work because I wanted to make the dough for scratch. To be honest, I do not like frozen pie crust. I find the texture to be ''dry'', breaking into pieces once the pie is cooked, making it hard to eat it, especially for a messy toddler. So I have put some efforts in the making of this recipe. The good news is, I kept the rest of the dough in the freezer so I can use it another time for an other recipe, no time wasted . I was able to make 10 mini-quiches with half of the dough, the elasticity was just amazing, hope you'll give it a try.

You will need:

For the dough

-2 cups of all purpose flour

-2 butter sticks diced in cubes ( 1/2 cup)

-1 tbsp of salt

-1 tbsp of sugar

-1 cup of cold water

For the Omelette

-4 eggs

-1 green onion

-1/2 mashed shallot

-1/4 cup of frozen spinach or fresh

-1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese

-1 cup of milk

-salt& pepper

In a large bowl, mix up the dry ingredients together, then add the diced softened butter cubes. Mix it ( I used my bare hands) until you obtain a '' sandy'' texture. Keep mixing until there is no lumps of butter, then slowly add the cold water. The tip is to leave some ice cubes in the cup of water to keep it very cold. Once the dough is formed, let it cool in the fridge for one hour, before working on it. Once cooled, flattened the dough ( 1/2 inch thickness ) then use a ''10'' cm diameters bowl to cut the mini-circles ( put it upside down and with a knife draw the circles) . Place each circle of dough in a cupcake tray ( less deep than a muffin tray), let it cook in a pre-heated over at 350°F for 10 min. Meanwhile mix all the omelette's ingredients together. Once the mini-crusts are precooked, pour the Omelette mixture in each cup ( fill it up to 3/4 because it will rise ) then put the tray back in the oven. Let it cook for another 10 min and voilà! Bon Appétit.

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