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Can you keep a secret...

Updated: May 20, 2019

I have often heard people say, “Dreams should be kept a secret until completion”. Well, we can all agree that it is easy to remain silent about our ambitions to acquaintances, people we scantily know. However, how many of us can keep their aspirations, a secret from their significant other? family members? close friends? How many can hide the excitement of working on a new project? applying for a dreamed job?or having a "one-of-the-kind" business idea without being able to share the good news with the ones we cherish the most?

The truth is, I have never been able to hide my dearest dreams from the people I love. Not only do I believe that sharing is key to get the support needed, I also believe, the most obvious place I can get it from, is my pole of trustworthy relationships. After all, aren't we stronger together... I used to think until I experienced the coldest receptivity after sharing my dreams with some of my dearest friends.

Yes, not all '' breaking'' news will be well received especially the ones going off the beaten path. It then quickly becomes a hard pill to swallow when our loved ones are not as excited as we are, once we've shared with them that " extravagant" project of ours.

Despite the disappointment that comes with not having our "people" on board with us, in my opinion, it only deeply affects the relationship, when knowingly or not, they try to sabotage the execution of the idea.

That's right, it is one thing to disagree with an idea and another to plot against the execution of the idea.

Let's be clear, it does not always come from a malicious place. Sometimes people will try to discourage us from accomplishing what we have in heart, out of love and sadly fear as well and our loved ones are not immune to that thinking. Genuine in their motives, they do not intend to hurt but to protect us from the emotional and financial distress we might face if we fail or do not proceed with caution. Regardless, it still hurts even with good intentions! My advice will always be for a partner, a friend or a family member to be upfront with how they feel about the ''dream'' and keep an open communication to clear all assumptions and reroute the relationship on the right track rather then take actions against the completion of the idea.

It is slippery road as ''nobody is perfect'', this we know! It sure takes a lot of wisdom or therapy to deal with situations like this, when it still with “good intentions”.

What happens then when the people we welcome into our lives, start to intentionally invest their time and energy trying to destroy the execution of our dreams? Jealousy, envy, vengeance, rancour... many evil feelings can take root in the heart and co-exist with love for a while until one wins over the other...

This reminds me of the biblical story of Joseph. His own brothers, the people he grew up with, the ones he excitedly shared his deepest dreams with, started to grow evil feelings toward him and plotted for his forfeiture (Genesis 38-39).

''But God was with Joseph''; the Bible repeatedly said and because of that, every action planned against Joseph, ended up pushing him toward his destiny.

This story sounds familiar to me. Up until now, I still can't wrap my mind around the reasons why I have experienced such a dramatic fall out with some of my closest relationships.

We all know, we must be careful before letting anyone into our heart particularly the ones we are ready to "ride or die" for. Sadly, despite the due diligence, people change, grow values we do no longer agree with because they have not guarded their heart.

Sometimes there is nothing you and I could have done differently to prevent a betrayal from happening. Psychologists, psychiatrists, experts can provide explanations on why relationships can brutality fall apart but it does not always make sense...

We live in days where human's nature is at its worst: broken families growing in numbers, mental illnesses on the rise... It is undeniable, there is a dark force pushing against the World, against the ''good'' in people, turning them into unrecognizable persons; in the unseen World ''weapons'' are being formed!

Thankfully as for Joseph, God has already prepared a rescue plan for every attack, known or unknown, intentional or not before they even take place in someone's heart! Him or Her walking out of your life, plotting against you or spreading rumors, unjustly firing you, is not going to stop God's purpose in your life, in contrary it will push you toward it.

These experiences are a training ground, equipping you for the next phase of your life.

It is our responsibility to always question our own intentions and guard our heart from ''evil" thoughts, capturing them by confronting them with the Word of God.

Whether you believe it or not the World has become a very dangerous place and God is warning us and preparing us to withstand the storm and find refuge in His Word. Despite the disappointments of life, He convinces who ever believes in Him, of being a good person, a kind person, a smart person, a loving person destined for greatness. His word is one powerful tool, keeping every evil thought captive despite our wounds and restoring those sensitive spots completely.

Nothing is lost, you can always start on a fresh page, like Joseph turning any bad experiences into a stepping stone and work toward what you've envisioned for yourself.

If you’ve experienced a dramatic end of a relationship, betrayed by someone you loved, know that you are loved by the Most High, He will heal your heart and protect you from evil plans!

Feel free to share and comment!

Bye for now...

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