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Blog on the Making! Part II (Series)

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

It's been a 'pretty' while since I have jumped into the tumultuous adventure of 'Blogging' . I feel I am in a good place to share some of the steps I have followed to start the blog. For three months now, I have tested the waters and can honestly say: I enjoy blogging! Especially in this very moment of my life, Blogging has not only become a therapy but also a good way to document everything. What I like the most about it, is the simplicity of the writing style. From sophisticated to 'street' verbiage, there is room for everyone. This is probably the reason why ‘Blogging’ is very popular these days. Despite the simplicity, there are some depths involved in the process of starting a blog. The most important step for me was to work on my MINDSET, the intangible aspects of becoming a Blogger. I realized I needed to:

1-Have A Vision

There are many types of blogs out there and I believe there is no 'right' or 'wrong' reason to start a blog. Some people do it for fun, therapy, start or grow their business; others to build a community, share their passion or story, make new friends... As I said, there is room for everyone, no matter your literacy background, except for some basic writing and grammar rules that need to be followed. Other than learning these rules, nothing is really stopping you from starting a Blog, coming from a French-speaking person! But first, answering the questions of why I am starting a blog and what my expectations are about this new activity, has helped me create a vision.

With an established vision, I can decide how much of myself, I am willing to invest in this project. It is important to understand that ‘Blogging’ is a powerful marketing tool that many entrepreneurs and businesses are using to grow their clientele. Whether you are starting one for your business or as a carrier, versus doing it as a leisure activity, the investment and the dynamics are completely different. For now, my vision for this blog is to create a platform where I can share my experiences.

2- Be and Stay Passionate

Passion makes everything easier, doesn't it? When you do what you are passionate about, it is easier to remain consistent without growing a feeling of obligation. Although it's all start with Love, Passion is not only Love. For me, it is a force that drives someone into actions, more than just a simple feeling. For example, someone can love Food, yet hate to cook! (LOL) You know what I mean or maybe not...

Let me put it this way, I define Passion as a big ‘tank’. In this tank, you will find feelings, emotions, inspirations, dreams, and beliefs. I believe, the right amount of a little bit of everything will get your passion going, manifesting into actions. One big thing I have also discovered is that Passion and Expectation can challenge each other in a positive way. But beware, the wrong expectation can also kill your passion.

If my expectation is to be approved by others while fulfilling my passion, what will then happen if people don't or stop approving what I showcase on the blog? Do what fulfills you for you first, is a good rule to keep in mind.

Another great point I find very important is to grow my Passion, not just keep it alive. Otherwise, it will never be strong enough to bring be the consistency needed to achieve my vision.

3-Keep myself inspired and creative

Two major ingredients (in the passion tank) that have made my passion significantly increase, are Inspiration and Creativity. These two will sometimes require practice, curiosity, research … some work and don’t necessarily come naturally. Yes! it does involve a little bit of planning and being ‘intentional’ with what I do with my spare time. However, once I've started to do ‘’ my work’’ of getting inspired and creative, my passion just increased to the point where people have noticed something different about me. I mean, I am on fire: writing songs, starting a local business with my sisters, volunteering plus managing the blog, while working full time and raising a child on my own.

With the Internet being available everywhere in the World, there is no excuse not to learn and get inspired. Depending on the type of Blog you are aiming to start, look around, follow some profiles or become friends with 'real' inspiring people. This process will help with finding the right design, theme, colors, pictures' editing style, staging ideas, etc., that you’d like for your blog and even give you some ideas for the contents.

This is can be a lengthy process if you are a “perfectionist’’ (as I am) which can lead to discouragement, overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead. Thankfully, staying ‘true to myself’ has helped me deal with the pressure, so ''do you''!

4- Do ‘’Me’’ (Whatever ‘’me’’ is)

Remember, some manage their Blogs and Social media accounts as a Business, even if it looks very personal ...Tricky right? This is the new trendy MARKETING STRATEGY. These profiles or blogs will always have '' a selling'' strategy behind everything they post and will not necessarily give you a full picture because it might affect their revenues. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with using your Blog as a business tool, the problem is not everybody is upfront with it which can be misleading...

As for me, I am not yet there, just documenting my passion and stories here, with no pressure. Having this vision, I have decided to only follow people I can relate to, people that speak to my heart, uplift and encourage me, always keeping in mind that it is not about '' measuring up'' or ''copy-pasting'' what I see. I make everything my own, tailor it down to my personality, adjusting the content to my reality while giving myself the freedom to dream BIG.

Again, it all comes back to your vision. If you are looking to get a revenue stream from your Blog, getting more ''likes'' or ''views'' will then become a goal. Managing your Blog may require a team, a strategy, financial features, etc., so you get the Financial Return on your Investment. These kinds of seminars are popping up everywhere on Social Media if that is your direction. Always bring it back to why you do this.

See, I have not yet touched on the tangible aspects of starting a Blog such as choosing a platform, growing some photography or video skills, staging, using Apps... This topic is going to be a series, where we will learn together!

For a ''non-techie'', ''full-time working-mom'', ''limited-budget'' type of person who does not believe in being put in a ''box''; there are many ways to achieve the same result. I am no 'Guru' just sharing my personal experience, hoping it will encourage someone. Oh, believe me, I have been planning my whole life before making any choice, being a 'good girl', yet LIFE has not been easy nor gentle on me. Nevertheless, it is amazing to see how everything has changed this past year, how in the midst of dealing with countless issues, I have finally found the courage to live my life for Me. These points don't only pertain to Blogging. They can be applied in other areas of life as well. I just happened to be proactive in the Musical&Writing space lately and seen the difference, but I have a long road ahead of me... So, the best advice for me and you is: with little in hands, do not be afraid to start somewhere!

Please feel to share your story on how you've started your blog, your dream ...or what is stopping you to do so? Let's uplift each other! Bye for now ...

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